This is one of two lettering designs I created recently for the apparel and accessories company LIVE A GREAT STORY (@liveagreatstory)
Inspired by the idea that each and every person has the power to write their own story, Zach Horvath started a movement with a simple message: ``Live a Great Story”.
``Now the hashtag on Instagram has 133k of posts from people inspired by what Horvath and his team call “reminders.” The team constantly sees messages from people who have had their days, or even their lives, turned around because of these four simple words.``

My design brief was to take the ``Live a Great Story” message and deliver different hand-lettered propositions. Eventually, it was selected and turned into a print for T-shirt, apparel and poster.
You can see my final color vector version, plus the T-shirt, the poster and the original pencil sketch.